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Hello! We are Paula and Felipe, dedicated documentary photographers with a passion for capturing authentic stories through our work. We have found weddings to be a wonderful opportunity to showcase our documentary photography skills, capturing moments filled with love and emotions.

Our photography has been showcased internationally and recognized by prestigious photography associations. As passionate travelers and storytellers, we are constantly seeking new experiences to inspire our work.

While our home base is in Toronto, our ultimate goal is to continue documenting weddings and exploring breathtaking locations across the globe. Thank you for considering us for your photography needs.


Our rockets

They are like our life's fuel, always bringing us joy. They teach us the value of the little things in life: having fun, spreading love, and chasing happiness. That's what we aim to capture in our documentary photography journey - the same passion and joy that our kids show us every day. Because we've learned from them that having fun is the ultimate way to lift off and soar high.

If this sounds like what you're searching for, we'd love to be part of your special day.

As every wedding is unique, we created a simple wedding calculator package that allows you to pick the items that you want for your special day. For a complete wedding story, you should pick at least three consecutive moments.

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