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Hello! We are Paula and Felipe, a couple of passionate documentary photographers, who want to tell stories every day, about their joys, feelings, and emotions, and which better scenario than during a wedding day, where everything is full of love and emotions. 

We have exhibited our documentary photography work in different countries, as well as our wedding documentaries, which have been awarded to the most important photography associations in the world. We are passionate travellers and storytellers, and we are always looking for new experiences. Even though we are based in Toronto, our dream is to keep doing weddings and shooting amazing places around the world. 


Our rockets

They are our engines in life who make us happy. We learn from them the importance of the simple things of life: Fun, Love & Happiness. And it is what we want to transmit during our journey on documentary photography, we want to show passion because we learn from our kids that having fun is the biggest rocket booster ever.

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